treat each day as a good tonic

treat each day as a good tonic

As for the vitamins, not only foreigners, but also Chinese people are often reluctant to let go, and treat each day as a good tonic. However, several studies have found that even supplements are not for everyone. The daily mail on September 17 said that the "different diseases should be avoided", a warning to a wide range of patients.

Psoriasis: avoid vitamin A. Psoriasis routine drug class retinol is vitamin A derivatives, after enters the body will be stored in the liver, overdose (male more than 0.7 mg per day, women more than 0.6 mg per day) can produce toxins in the body, leads to the deterioration of the conjunctivitis, hair loss and skin diseases.

Heart disease: don't vitamin E and potassium. A Canadian McMaster university for 7 years, involving 10000 patients with heart disease of large-scale studies found that patients with heart disease high doses of vitamin E (400 iu a day, equivalent to 363 mg), heart failure and hospitalization after onset risk will increase 13% and 13% respectively. Overdoses of potassium (over 3,500 milligrams per day) can increase the risk of heart palpitations and arrhythmias.

Diabetes: avoid vitamin B3. A large number of vitamin B3 supplements (more than 17 mg and 13 mg per day) can lead to higher blood sugar levels, and the greater the dose, the more serious the problem is.

Osteoporosis: avoid vitamin A and phosphorus. High levels of phosphorus in the blood (more than 1,000 mg/day) can lead to loss of bone calcium and increase the risk of osteoporosis. The UK health guide recommends no more than 250 milligrams of phosphorus per day. High doses of vitamin A were associated with decreased bone mineral density. Daily vitamin A supplementation of more than 1.5 mg, bone density reduced risk by 6-14 %. Currently, the recommended amount of vitamin A daily is 0.7 mg and 0.6 mg respectively.

Stomach ulcers: avoid vitamin A. The study found that taking the treatment of stomach ulcers while taking vitamin A supplements would seriously weaken the drug.

Besides vitamin, kidney disease and prostate cancer patients had better not fill calcium. Two of the most common causes of kidney disease are hypertension and diabetes. A daily calcium supplement of more than 700 mg (daily recommended) can lead to calcium accumulation in the kidneys, and long-term calcium supplementation can lead to kidney stones.

At the same time, the wake forest Baptist medical research center found that the loss of bone mineral was more severe in patients with prostate cancer who added between 500 and 1,000 mg of calcium per day. Exercise is an effective way to strengthen your bones. Data shows that at least 200 million people in China suffer from high blood pressure, and 70 percent of adults are in sub-health. At our side, every 10 people have 2 high blood pressure, 2 hyperlipidemia and 1 diabetes. And these chronic diseases are associated with unhealthy eating habits, sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy lifestyles.

Bees are good friends of man, and the bees' products are tempting. Experts point out that bee products are an effective way to prevent many diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Bee glue and honey, royal jelly and bee pollen are four members of the bee family. Propolis is the drug of the bee, and honey, royal jelly, bee pollen is the food of the bee, and the royal jelly is the food that the queen has to form and lifelong.Look for travel agents.

Propolis is a kind of rare natural substances, a WuLiuWanZhi bees more than a year can only produce 100 grams of propolis, in the present production condition, can only rely on the beekeepers from honeycomb surface scrape it bit by bit, resource is very limited. According to data released by the China bee association, the annual production of propolis in China is only about 300 tons. And the propolis is only collected once or twice a year. Knowledge of the world's leading bee propolis don "ultrasonic vibration together" propolis extract technology, it saved volatilizes easily in the propolis more than 300 kinds of active ingredients is not destroyed, thus obtained the approval of the three major functions: to regulate blood sugar, regulate blood lipid and immune regulation. Bee-bee propolis + royal jelly can supplement physical strength, strengthen immunity, smooth blood glucose, and adjust blood pressure in two directions, and improve the repair of damaged nerve and improve sleep. It is known as the double shield of blood vessels, which protects the heart and kidney. Bidirectional regulating blood fat, preventing arteriosclerosis, reducing blood viscosity, reducing platelet aggregation, strengthening cardiac contractile force, improving myocardial ischemia.